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Here is a list of things we like, things we thought you might be interested in and friends of the Jive Aces. Click on the links below to go to their sites. You can also click here to find banners to place on your site and link to us.

To find out more about the “Say No To Drugs, Say Yes To Life” campaign literature we use go to:

Mad Hatter Studios where we have recorded our last two (and best) albums. It's also the greatest music studio in the world.

Our friends

Vivien Of Holloway, - Vintage stle dresses and provider of flyers!

Dance links a plenty

A one stop shop for all dancing resources.

Bath, Bristol and beyond, Hoppin Mad's instructional DVD also features our music!

Ian "GI-Jive Hartley, dancing DJ, entrepenuer, promoter and renaissance man in Manchester

Leicester Lindy Hop, dancing with regular and guest teachers on a tuesday night.

For all you dancing needs in the Hertfordshire and Essex areas. and

Modern Jive in Sheffield

One of the most comprehensive dance events lists for London and the South East you're likely to find

Check out this site for where to jive.

National UK listings of all UK Rockin’ and Swingin’ gigs.

Another national UK listings of all UK Rockin’ and Swingin’ gigs.

The homepage of the London Swing Dance Society.

The Nottingham area’s own swing dance source.

Great site for dance lessons in Scotland.

Lindy Hop in Peterborough

Rock 'n' Roll in Glasgow with Raymond and Nicki

Great rock ‘n’ roll in the UK. Support their excellent rock ‘n’ roll record shop campaign and especially their rock ‘n’ roll radio campaign!

Great place for all your dancing needs (shoes, clothes, dance studio etc, etc, etc).

The London based Jiving Lindy Hoppers are one of the top swing dance display teams in the world & very good friends.

A fun bunch of dancers who frequent our gigs

Ceroc is the UK’s largest modern jive organisation with venues everywhere - it’s pure dance addiction.

UK-Jive is the most comprehensive resource around for all UK modern jive classes, events, music etc.

For all types of music in the South East check out Music Talk.

Want to Lear the Lindy hop in Sussex?

A great place to dance.


Great Rock 'n' Roll magazine from southern Germany.

Homepage of the great Aces of Swing from Holland (and they use our song the Aces Swing as their theme too!)

Want to know where to find the Blues in Belgium and Holland? Just click here!


Claude at Disc n Roll is France’s leading supplier of dance footwear, clothing & music and also promotes major dance events in the Lyon area.


Swing dance in the sun with the Savoy South gang in Florida.

One-stop source for all things retro by former Atomic Magazine editor, Leslie.

Tap and swing dancer extraordinaire, Rusty Frank’s own site for lessons events and other cool stuff.

The DC areas’ place for swing and jive.

Online home of Florida’s swing scene.

Southern California site for swing stuff.


For more Rock 'n' Roll in Germany read this mag.

Dutch magazine for all things jive and rock ‘n’ roll.

Southern Germany’s rock ‘n’ roll zone including the home of Dynamite Magazine.


The one and only London and Westminster Town Cryer, Peter Brown

If you like jiving AND you like skiing (even both at the same time!) then there’s only one place to go. Check out Dance Action Holidays right here.

Fascinating site for Scottish heritage. NOT your average history lesson and a great bunch of guys (just watch out for the sword!)

If you need some great graphic design work, this is the place. Hey, he did the graphics for this site and our flyers too! Oh, and he’s a jolly nice geezer! Nice one Jesse.

Psychatric drugging of children to “quiet them down” and other abuses are all too frequent. Find out what you can do about it at

Need some new hreads to cut a rug in? Check out Rocacha for vintage style suits.

The greatest Town Cryer in the land, the one and only Rock 'n' Roll Town Cryer himself, Chris Brown.


That Rockin' Chap and now star of hit theatre show "That'll be the Day" Rebel Dean

Bo Lewis, check him out!

Itlay's premier swing band and long time Jive Aces freinds, The Billy Bros Jumpin' Orchestra

The site for one of Jesse Wilson’s (Wilson Design who did the graphics for this site) many other talents, making music, check out his band Positive Flow.

Great western swing and jive band from the Manchester area.

Fellow UK swing band with a heavier edge.

Saor Patrol are the guys from Clan Ranald (see above) who have played with the Jive Aces many times. In fact, we invented Celt-a-billy (AKA Celtic Swing) together! They're big, they're hairy and they're very Scottish!

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